Linguo·city, n.


Linguistic curiosity


on the intersection of


Providing assistance

with a variety of tasks.

Lexicographical Research

Combining knowledge of linguistics, search strategies, and bibliography, Linguocity can help with researching dictionary entries. The best dictionaries rely on documented real world evidence to illustrate its senses—especially the earliest use, and whether or not it remains in use to this day.


Translation between Danish and English is a discipline, which Linguocity undertakes with great care and attention to detail.


Linguocity provides proofreading in either English or Danish.

Digitization, Layout & Typesetting

With a great interest in HTML, XML, CSS and digitization, Linguocity can help make textual materials suitable for digital databases or pleasing to read online or in print.

Typographical Assistance

For many years, the founder of Linguocity has made typefaces for personal use. Many services, such as consulting on historical typography, the use and appearance of Unicode characters, and some typographic design, can be provided.

Phonetic Transcription

Linguocity has a great knowledge of phonetic transcription in the International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA), Dania (an alphabet for Danish phonetics), and some knowledge og Americanist transcription.

Language Invention

Linguocity has experience with inventing or constructing languages (also known as a conlang). It can be useful for creating believable names for people and places in a fictional world, or even to write dialogue in a fantasy language.